Richard Michaels Stefanik

Richard Michaels Stefanik is the author of The Megahit Movies, a revised enhanced version of Structures of Fantasy, which analyzed the dramatic and comic elements found in commercially successful movies.
This book was selected by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Mentors Program for the Recommended Screenwriting Books list, describing it as “one of the best books on story structure”.

Richard was a Screenwriting Fellow at the American Film Institute and worked at several Hollywood studios, including Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney. He taught story design and screenwriting seminars in London, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and Hollywood. Richard taught classes for Scr(i)pt Magazine and conducted story design seminars at the Creative Screenwriting Expos and at The Great American PitchFest. He lectured on comedy to the British Society of Comedy Writers in London. The French translation of The Megahit Movies book was published by Editions Dixit in Paris, as “Les Clés Des Plus Grands Succès Cinématographiques”. Richard published five novels: Elixir, Entanglements, Monte Carlo, Once in a Blue Moon and Double Or Nothing. He is also the producer-director of the comedy movie, Henry Dodd and the magical fantasy The Magus.

Richard was a featured speaker in England at the Oxford International Festival of Films in May 2006. Richard lectured about story structures in Hollywood Popular Movies at the UCLA Extension Screenwriting Program and at Fox, Warner Bros, Sony, Disney, Universal and Paramount studios. His new screenwriting book is, Story Design: Creating Popular Hollywood Movies

Richard Michaels Stefanik has studied movies that have achieved the zenith of success at the box-office. He calls them The Megahit Movies. In this book, he explores the commonalities of these screenplays. He examines the dramatic elements that move an audience, seducing them to return again and again to see the film - which is how a movie gains its megahit status...The art of screenwriting is in the ability to move the audience. Since Hollywood movies are huge investments, stories need to move the biggest audience possible... When a movie has the ability to attract crowds over and over - to the tune of a billion dollars worldwide - the story works.
Christopher Lockhart
William Morris Endeavor (WME)
Beverly Hills, California

"The Megahit Movies book is a revised and expanded edition of Structures of Fantasy",
which analyses the dramatic and comic elements found in popular movies. This book has been selected by the
Writers Guild of America(WGA) for inclusion in its list of Recommended Screenwriting Books.
Script Magazine

Structures of Fantasy is "One of the Best Books on Story Structure"
Writers Guild of America(WGA) Mentors Program

"The Megahit Movies perfectly exemplifies the commercially focused "how-to" screenplay book.
This book is specifically for screenwriters who want to learn how to write
the most commercial money-making "megahit" that they can."
Creative Screenwriting Magazine

Richard Michaels Stefanik
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